The emergence of the chief automation officer

The emergence of the chief automation officer

There have certainly been easier years than 2022 to try to start a business. Compared to larger firms, smaller companies have a harder time absorbing shocks such as inflationary changes, supply chain disruptions, and changing workplace demographics. We see evidence that investors are starting to see evidence of profitability rather than growth, a paradox for … Read more

Report: 97% of software testing pros are using automation

Is software testing getting easier or harder? Are testers using advanced tools to accelerate product release cycles, or are they bogged down by manual processes? To better understand the answers to these questions, Cobitan asked 150 testers at companies with at least 50 employees in various industries. It turns out, software testers are relying on … Read more

How will OpenAI’s Whisper model impact AI applications?

Last week, OpenAI released Whisper, an open-source deep learning model for speech recognition. OpenAI’s tests on Whisper show promising results in transcribing audio not only in English but also in several other languages. Developers and researchers who have experimented with Whisper are also impressed with what the model can do. What’s perhaps just as important, … Read more

Snorkel dives into data labeling and foundation AI models

Data labeling is an important, though often time-consuming and complex, element of modern machine learning (ML) operations. Data labeling can also be the key to unlocking the broader enterprise potential of foundation models. While foundation models such as GPT-3 and DALL-E have great utility for creating text and images, they often lack the context needed … Read more

Top AI startup news of the week: There’s more to AI than just Microsoft and Google

This week’s headlines in the AI world revolved around a new search engine battle with Microsoft and its former partner OpenAI, the mastermind behind ChatGPT, pitted against Google and its prosaic bard. While the industry titans are clashing, it’s important to understand that there are many more players in the AI space who are innovating. … Read more

Snowflake acquires SnowConvert to accelerate database migrations to data cloud

Montana-based Snowflake today announced an agreement with Mobilize Net to acquire SnowConvert, a suite of tools to help enterprises migrate their databases to the Snowflake data cloud. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Today, there are many data deduplication solutions for Snowflake, but many do not address the most difficult aspect of data … Read more

PWC highlights 11 ChatGPT and generative AI security trends to watch in 2023

Are ChatGPT and Generative AI a blessing or a curse for security teams? While artificial intelligence (AI)’s ability to create malicious code and phishing emails presents new challenges for organizations, it has also provided new tools for everything from threat detection and remediation guidance to securing Kubernetes and cloud environments. It has also opened the … Read more

What are the dos and don’ts for success with low-code/no-code platforms?

Low-code/no-code platforms have gained a lot of attention as a way to meet the growing demands of software development as digital transformation continues apace. These platforms are designed to streamline app development with intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces and pre-built templates, enabling non-technical users to build custom applications and integrations without writing code. make Growth for platforms … Read more