Report: 97% of software testing pros are using automation

Is software testing getting easier or harder? Are testers using advanced tools to accelerate product release cycles, or are they bogged down by manual processes?

To better understand the answers to these questions, Cobitan asked 150 testers at companies with at least 50 employees in various industries.

It turns out, software testers are relying on automation more than ever, in a desire to reduce testing costs and improve software quality and user experience.

For context, there are two types of software testing: manual and automated. Manual is still common but is not ideal for repetitive tests, which is why many testers opt for automation, which can speed up development and app performance. Wisely, 40% of testers who responded to Kobiton’s study said their primary motivation for using automation was to improve the user experience.

Automation has come a long way in software testing.
“In a study we conducted two years ago, half of the testers we asked said that their automation programs were relatively new, and 76% said they used automation in all tests,” said Kevin Lee, CEO of Cobiton. are automating less than 50%.” “Nearly 100% of testers participating in this year’s study are using automation, which indicates how far the industry has come.”

Testing managers are also preferring new hires with automation experience. Cobitan’s study found that experience with automation is one of the three skills managers are most interested in.

And how is automation being used? A plurality (34%) of Kobiton’s survey respondents said they are using automation for an equal mix of regression and new feature testing.

And it has made them more efficient. Nearly half (47%) of survey respondents said manual testing before release takes 3-5 days, while automated tests can be done in 3-6 hours.

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